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Here at P3 Gauges we believe in FORM & FUNCTION. You shouldn’t need to compromise the esthetics of your ride with a “One size fits all” gauge. Our custom digital gauges look like they were always meant to be in your car. Not only does our gauge look great but it is a precision measurement tool that is as precise as any gauge on the market.

The custom P3 digital gauges offer more features than any other gauges in their segment. Starting at a price competitive to single feature old-school needle gauges, they offer unmatched feature to price ratio. The BMW gauge includes an on-the-fly configuration menu for setting units (BAR/PSI for boost, and C/F MPH/KPH for VIDI values), as well as feature options, and ambient calibration of analog boost sensor.


X Series


= Boost Gauge Feautre       = Multi-Gauge Feautre

BMW Color Matched Display

Color Matched Display BMW Boost Gauge Supported BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

We color match every gauge so our gauges look right at home next to your BMW instrument cluster.

BMW Peak Recall

Peak Recall on All Values BMW Boost Gauge Supported BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

See the highest value or a 15 second recording with the press of a button.

BMW Digital Boost Gauge

Digital Boost/Vacuum BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Accurately read boost and vacuum without having to run tubing or tap your intake. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW 80psi analog boost gauge

80psi Analog Boost Sensor BMW Boost Gauge Supported BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Optional sensor for aggressively modified vehicles, non-factory boosted, or piggy-back tunes.

BMW temperature gauge

EGT, Intake Air & Coolant Temps BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Keep tabs on your engine temps in one location. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW Throttle Plate & Ignition Timing

Throttle Plate & Ignition Timing BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

See the exact position of your throttle and watch real-time ignition timing. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW Raw Speed and 0-60 timer

Raw Speed w/ 0-60 Timer BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

See your true vehicle speed and dial in your launch. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW RPM and Shift light

RPM w/ Shift-light BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Rotational speed of the engine with programmable shift light that flashes in all modes. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW Code read Code clear

Code Read/Clear BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Find out why your engine light is on and save a trip to the dealer. *Multi-Gauge Only

BMW Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage BMW Boost Gauge Supported BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

Keep an eye on your battery voltage at all times.

BMW OBDII Plug-n-play

Plug-n-Play BMW Multi-Gauge Supported

No hacking harnesses or spider-webs of wires, our gauge plugs right into the OBD2 port. *Multi-Gauge Only

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